Health Occupations

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This purpose of this program is to give young people an opportunity to explore health careers in addition to preparing students for nurse assistant roles. This program meets the requirements for the Illinois Department of Public Health Basic Nurse Assistant Training Program. Some of the skills taught in this class include vital signs, bathing and bed making, patient care, disease processes, and care of the aged. CPR certification is also offered. After successful commpetion of the class the students may be eligible to sit for their State Board to become a Certified Nursing Assistant so that they may go right into the work force. The class also visits and/or works in other various health-related areas. Students receiving an A or B in this class have the opportunity to receive dual credit.

This is a two year program - earned graduation credits are determined by each school.

9:00 - 11:20 am
11:55 - 2:28 pm

Location: Hillsboro Vocational Center
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Stacy  Payne

Stacy Payne

Health Occupations

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