Foundations to Education

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This program is aimed at senior students desiring a career in education. This course introduces students to the principles underlying teaching and learning, responsibilities and duties of teachers, and strategies and techniques to deliver knowledge and information. A combination of classroom and field experiences will enable the student to gain skilled knowledge and understanding of the education profession. Course content includes projects to develop an understanding of the learner and the learning process, instructional planning, the learning environment, assessment and instructional strategies, career opportunities in the field of education, and Illinois regulations and licensing requirements. Coursework also includes opportunity for students to create and develop teaching objectives, design lesson plans, and experience teaching in a controlled environment. Students examine and practice teaching strategies, learning styles, time management and planning strategies, presentation and questioning skills, classroom management, and evaluation techniques.

This course is designed to assist students in the development of effective skills and attitudes through practical, advanced instruction in the classroom and on-the-job training through cooperative education. Classroom instruction focuses on providing students with job survival skills and career exploration skills related to the job and improving students abilities to interact positively with others.

Location: Vandalia Vocational Center

Foundations to Education Class Instructor

Laurna  Knebel

Laurna Knebel


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