ESSER III Use of Funds


OKAW Area Vocational Center use of ESSER III funds in the total of $28628 was used for the following.

Online books for Building Trades and Power Mechanics. 

An electrical upgrade was done to the welding lab to increase welding stations.

The wireless technology was upgraded in the building to increase the connectivity for Chromebooks. 

All of these expenses were made to combat the learning loss that occurred during COVID.


The Online books will help the staff in Power Mech and Building Trades continue to Educate the students in their class during the days in which students are absent due to illness.

Wireless access throughout the building benefits all students. All students will now be able to utilize their wireless devices due to increased capacity.

The areas that the funds were spent on were a result of student requests and meetings with all staff and school administration.

All of the Use of Funds will help maintain seamless education whether in person or from home.