Health Occupations


This course is designed to expose students to a variety of health-related occupations. Students taking this class will be interested in providing healthcare services that can help identify, evaluate, prevent, and treat diseases. The core curriculum addresses the academic foundation as well as the fundamentals of caregiving and the job skills necessary for a variety of healthcare positions. Clinical experiences may include nursing homes, hospitals, pharmacies, clinic positions, veterinary offices, urgent centers, dentists, physician's offices, laboratories, and rehabilitation centers.

Medical Terminology students will learn how to identify medical terms by analyzing their components. This course emphasizes defining medical prefixes, root words, suffixes, and abbreviations. The primary focus is on developing both oral and written skills in the language used to communicate within the healthcare professions. Students receiving an A or B in this class have the opportunity to receive dual credit.

CNA - One-year program for Seniors only

Careers - Juniors and Seniors

Per ISBE credit assignments; students earn 1.5 credits per program per year Instructor: Mrs. Rachel Steele

This is a two-year program - earned graduation credits are determined by each school.

9:03 - 11:24 AM - Career Students Only
12:06 - 2:42 PM - CNA Students Only

Location: Vandalia Vocational Center


Molly Reeter